Friday, July 07, 2006

Hybrid Cars in the News

The recent (Aug/Sep 06) issue of Home Power has a great little article on Hybrid Cars.

To quote from part of the article on the Toyota Prius (I am biased because I own one):

"The Prius works like a charm, humming along silently in all-electric modes at low speeds, and revving up its 110 combined gas and electric horsepower for a respectable 0-to-60 mph rate of 10.2 seconds."


"The Prius instills a cultlike devotion from its drivers."

Oh! How true.

I have been averaging a smidge under 50 MPG for the 3 months I've had mine (saving a couple of hundred dollars in gas on two long trips). Performance has been fine, and the service provided by Ms. Michael Ruiz (yes, Michael is an attractive young lady) and the other staff at Texas Toyota of Grapevine has been stellar.

My advice? Go get your new Prius today.