Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Hybrid Cars, but Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels Now
By Tom Tessin

The fact that our economy is in a downward spiral and the oil is basically being produced overseas is causing many people to wonder if we should discontinue use of oil based gasoline and look for alternative fuels. The ecosystem has brought out the fact that gas burning vehicles are harmful to the atmosphere and to human beings. We need to be better concerned about earth and what we are doing that is causing it to become destroyed. Some consumers are crying for us to use our own oil instead of continuously going abroad for what we need. The problem with that is we would have to destroy the natural habitat of certain wild animals as well as the earth. We would have to drill in the wilds of Alaska which is our last frontier when it comes to earth's beauty and abundance of all natural environments. What price should we pay in order to drive our gasoline fueled vehicles? Many people are greatly concerned and feel that an alternative fuel would best suit our needs.

There are now many alternative fuels that could provide our vehicles with power and save our eco system. Farther, it has been discovered that some alternative fuels are being made from crops such as corn or oats which makes them environmentally safe and helps the American farmer. There are some alternative fuels that come from emissions let loose from landfills. We need to look to the future care of the earth and start maintaining our ecosystem. We cannot exist without earth it is our home and as human beings we have no other place to go. It may sound foolish to think that a few gasoline driven vehicles could upset the balance of nature but it is not. When we upset the balance of nature then we indeed risk destroying our world and all the inhabitants.

Using alternative fuels like hydrogen, propane, natural gas, ethanol, electricity and the many other sources is much more desirable than that of destroying the world that we live in. We need to think of not only today but we need to think of the future that our children and their children will have living on earth. Many auto manufacturers are seriously considering changing the engines in the new vehicles to operate on alternative fuels rather than the continuous use of gasoline. Many economists are afraid that if we stop using the gasoline based engine that our economy will go even farther in the red causing another great depression. The truth is that we can survive not using oil based gasoline for our vehicles and that by using alternative fuel we might save our economy. We no longer would have to depend on foreign countries for our energy supplies. This would increase our own economy production of fuel based products making our country that much stronger financially.

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Beyond Hybrid Cars - The Air Car

Alternative Fuels - Air Car, the First Car That Runs on Compressed Air and Biofuels
By Bob Randooke

Our country has been in troubled economic times for the past year now and almost no one is immune to this recession. It is common knowledge that high oil prices, mortgage debt problems and the war in Iraq helped to get us into these troubled times but the the problem is we as a nation depend too much on oil and the oil companies to help satisfy our addiction for quick energy. Another problem is global warming. Many studies have been done that have shown that burning fossil fuels (fuels made from the fossils of animals) contribute significantly to global warming because they increase greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Also there are many leading experts that are saying we are nearing peak oil levels which means that the production of oil has neared to a point where it will level off. Combine this with the fact that oil demands among the new powerhouse nations like China and India are increasing at astronomical rates you can begin to see the urgency for us to start researching alternative biofuels that will help us solve the global warming problem and also give us cheaper fuels sources that we can easily duplicate.

One incredible new alternative energy source for use in automobiles is the Air Engine. It is an engine that works by expanding compressed air and this releases energy. This method is not really anything new and has actually been around for a few centuries but the technology is starting to become very efficient during the last few years. A company called Zero Pollution Motors has been working on a car that runs on air and a combination of either ethanol or most kinds of biofuels. Theoretically this air car could have a range of between 750 to 950 miles based on a single tank of air and 8.2 gallons of biofuel. This is an exciting new kind of vehicle with the potential to have zero emissions which would be awesome for our atmosphere as well. ZPM says that they will have the air car into the market by sometime in 2010. Imagine having your very own car that runs on air and has a range of just under 1000 miles per fillup. Alot of people are looking at the Chevy volt all electric vehicle as our savior but with this air car it will utilize biofuels in a way that will not only help us end ourt dependency on oil but also give our atmosphere some breathing room to get out of the danger zone of global warming.

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I love writing about alternative fuel sources such as Biofuel and car that run on air. You can read about the newest advances in biofuels at which is updated regularly with the newest , most exciting biofuel technologies coming out.

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Hybrid Cars

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Hybrid Cars - The Incentives

Want a Hybrid? Don't Forget the Incentives!
By Matthew Keegan

The lowest gas prices in five years has taken the sting out of filling up, but very few people believe that current price levels will be sustained. In all likelihood as we move closer to summer, demand will increase and prices with it as supply is cut back to meet current consumption. Add in that our current political leadership is eager to raise taxes on gasoline to encourage you to drive more economical cars and you could end up with gas priced above three dollars a gallon.

One way that consumers are battling the high cost of a fill up is to choose a hybrid vehicle. Powered by a combination of a battery and a gas engine, most hybrids deliver exceptional fuel economy while reducing the amount of exhaust fumes down to a minimum. Many of the hybrid models on the market in 2009 deliver fuel economy above forty miles to the gallon, well higher than what most gasoline powered cars offer.

But there is a huge drawback to most hybrid vehicles which makes this type of purchase an unprofitable one for most buyers: they carry a price premium that may never be fully recovered. True, if you drive twenty thousand miles or more annually, plan on keeping your car for at least ten years, and gas prices return to higher levels, you may recoup your costs. But, that five to ten thousand dollar price premium can be a bit hard to swallow, a problem for cash strapped consumers.

There is one way that consumers can still buy a hybrid vehicle without busting their budget: federal tax credits. It is a convoluted system where buyers can get a credit of as much as $3400 per vehicle provided that the manufacturer hasn't sold its allotment of 60,000 hybrids. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), beginning on January 1, 2006, has allowed buyers of select hybrid and lean-burn engine vehicles to obtain a credit, but that credit is phased out as manufacturers draw closer to their 60,000 vehicle limit. Once the limit has been reached, then no credit is available.

Thus, if you are planning to buy a 2009 Toyota Prius, your credit is now $0 because Toyota has far surpassed that threshold. On the other hand, if you plan to purchase a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid (available Spring 2009) you'll be eligible for the full $3400 because it is an all new model for Ford. Oh, by the way, that $3400 figure is for the most fuel efficient hybrids; some vehicles have a lower credit - for example the 2009 Saturn Aura Hybrid credit is $1550 - because it isn't as fuel efficient as the Ford.

Some states and municipalities offer credits too. If you reside in an area where relief is offered, you can usually take that additional credit to help you save more money. Log on to your state's website and do a search for "alternative fuel vehicle" to see if a program is currently available and what requirements are in place in order to receive a tax credit or rebate.

Oh, by the way, it is IRS Form 8910 - Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit - which will help you determine if your vehicle is eligible and at what cost. A good tax program will walk you through filling out the form.

Driving a gas-electric hybrid is a desirable option for some drivers. Find out what assistance is available to you may be able to shave thousands of dollars off of the cost of owning one of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road.

Matthew C. Keegan is a freelance writer who resides in North Carolina. Matt is a contributing writer for Andy's Auto Sport an aftermarket supplier of quality parts including Mitsubishi Evolution camshafts and Ford F250 roll pans.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Hybrid Cars or Electric Conversion Kits?

Electric Car Conversion Kit - How to Build Your Own Electric Powered Car!
By Jim M. Watson

An electric car conversion kit can be used to convert your current vehicle to run on electricity. There are many reasons for the increasing popularity of electric powered cars:

You can eliminate your gas bill completely and save hundreds of dollars every month on gas costs.
The IRS will give you tax credits for driving a clean fuel vehicle.
You will only need about $1 to charge your electric car.
You can drive for up to 150-200 miles on a single charge.
You can reduce harmful emissions and protect the environment.
You can reach speeds of 50 miles per hour.
You can improve horsepower and get a better engine's performance.
You can start enjoying a smooth, quiet ride and reduce your maintenance costs.

The major advantage of an electric powered vehicle is not only that it can increase your fuel efficiency, but also it doesn't contribute to the greenhouse effect and is completely environmentally-friendly.

Paying an auto-shop to make the conversion will cost at least 3,000 dollars, but if you decide to do it yourself it will only cost a few hundred dollars.

The first thing you need to do is take out the internal combustion engine and replace it with an electric motor. Some other parts you are going to need are: a power controller, miscellaneous nuts and bolts, rechargeable batteries, fuses and power conductors. These parts are easily available at your local hardware and are usually very cheap.

Most cars can be converted to run on electricity, but the best vehicles to retrofit are the light weight ones, which have enough space for batteries.

There are many diy on the market that can provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to build your own electric powered car.

Do you want to save more than $1,000 on gas per year, every year?

Every day people just like you are using this technology to convert their vehicles.

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Read a review about the top 3 Conversion Car Kits and find out exactly how to make your own Electric Powered Car.

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